Monday, August 31, 2009

Salam 1Malaysia


Dengan rahmatNya, hari ini genaplah ulangtahun kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke 52. Semoga Malaysia lebih maju dan berjaya di masa akan datang.

Ya Allah, berkatilah negara kami. Jauhilah ia daripada anasir-anasir yang akan merosakkan negara kami. Jauhikanlah negara kami dari pengkhianat-pengkhianat agama, bangsa dan negara kami.



Blogger Purpleheart said...

salam 1 malaysia.. semoga kedamaian tetap menjadi milik rakyat Malaysia..

8:14 AM  
Anonymous ruyom said...

How to save 1Malaysia when it does not even exist in the first place? 1Malaysia can only happen when the racist BN is sent packing lock, stock and barrel.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous cool man said...

Because Chinese race is a superior race than a inferior malay race.

Chinese race vs malay race -


Skin - malay race is much blacker.

Brain (IQ) - malay race is much more low.

Face - malay race is much uglier.

Height - malay race is much smaller.

Physical ability - malay race is much more inferior.

Such truth may know you too who is a malay race.

All thing is because a malay race is very inferior than a Chinese race.

7:52 PM  
Anonymous vesewe said...

The nation does not belong to Umno, clearly the moron minister will abuse his power and to indoctrinate Umno Youth to be the next suicide bombers.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Boleh said...

Pukimak punya melayu anjing berotak babi.
Kalau betul2 semua Cina India balik ke negara masing2 lagi senang bagi mereka bomb malaysia terutamanya semenanjung.
Selepas semua kaum Cina India balik, Cina India kerajaan boleh hantar berjuta2 askar Cina askar India & atomic bomb bagi hapuskan semua melayu anjing tanpa seekor pun hidup.
Lepas tu 'kaum melayu' tidak akan wujud lagi di muka bumi dan buku sejarah. Baguslah!

7:58 PM  
Anonymous San said...

Yes. Every human have a working brain except malay, even the malay itself agree. Malays are stupid, lazy and idiotic. Malays are the most stupid human race ever exits.

Of course Chinese is way smarter and more superior in every fucking way compared to a retarded malay. Chinese is a world race, a race with pride, with a great history and civilisation, we are hardworking and clever, every country lead by Chinese is strong and rich.

This is not self compliment but prove can be seen at Taiwan, Singapore and China. China has an economic growth so fast it has never happen in any other country before. Even the Americans agree.

What is malay? Malay is just a tiny piece of cow dunk left over in this earth. No one like malay. Do not agree? Show me which country lead by malay is well developed?

Hahaha. Malay should be left for extinction from this world as they are a bunch of stupid retarded lazy asshole.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous yoy said...

To me, Malaysia is run by institutionalised bullies, corrupters, gangsters, goons, infidels, liars, monkeys, scumbags, thieves and all that are mentioned in the Book of Hell!

8:07 PM  

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